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As Time Slips By...

Musings of a Ranger Fan

I'm a girl who still delves into the Power Rangers fandom, is that so wrong? ;)

What do I like to do in this fandom, you ask? Well, I like to participate in community challenges and write drabbles. I also tend to create Original Characters for the fandom...

.Doctor Christine Peterson

She's my original character that I occasionally use in the MMPR universe, but right now she's centered in Dino Thunder. I created a journal for her at blurty.com - http://www.blurty.com/users/dinothundergal

I also created a free community over there to roleplay in for Dino Thunder. So I rp as Christie, Kira, and Hayley right now. As of yet, I have no one to portray the guys or the villians.

I also like to create icons for the verse... I'll use this journal to display them as well as write entries focused on the PR Fandom in general. :) I'm also going to see if I can create banners for my OC and the Dino Thunder realm... if only I had Photoshop...

So welcome.

I also have another livejournal, which is my main one: stargatejunkie It's Friends Only and sort of Stargate oriented, so let me know if you want to friend me. :D
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